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Right Lads, as you know the Fundraising Night is fast approaching.. So i was thinking of ways to help promote the night.. I have the facebook page set up, the evening echo will run a write up on it and 96fm and redfm should feature it on their social bit.. But came up with the idea of Bringing it to the public.. Was thinkin if i could get permission from a few pubs in town we could basically do some close up magic, pub crawl style.. I mean we done it two years ago to raise money and we raised alot.. so was thinking on the night we could sell tickets and raise money.. With the night fast approaching it would have to be soon so im looking for people who are definately up for it to get onto me.. Id prob need permission from the guards aswell so il have to try and get that sorted.. Anyone interested??

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I'd be up for it Ray, but let me know the date first and i'll see if i'm available. Also, I think your right about needing permission from the Gardai, as far as I know if your planning on collecting money in any form from the public in a public place then you need permission, however its just a matter of filling out the relevant paperwork and having it passed by the Superintendant at your local station, and as your planning on doing it in city center then I'd suggest Anglesea St.


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Nice one John, must give ger a shout about it aswel. Was lookin at mayb doing it the week before so that would be either the 15th 16th or 17th.. Fri sat or sunday like.. So basically if i get a few of us that are up for it il work from there as in il get onto pubs and get the guards permission.. So if i get a definate from a few il go ahead with it... if you have any of the the other lads numbers try and get onto them too, not sure much are on here haha.. Let me know how your fixed anyway as i cud always try for next weekend.. Cheers

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Paul Dee
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Ray, Let me know the date and if I am available I'm game. The Garda permit is essential. Pick your date and get on the permit case inmmediately, if not sooner. You can't move on anything without the permit, so sus that first. Once you have it, we can concentrate on rounding up the usual suspects.

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Tony Galvin
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Ray, if you are just doing this as a publicity drive you don't need anyone's permission but the pubs'. If you are collecting money, maybe. But there are less and less cops around every day (thankfully) so it is probably not a big issue.

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